Automotive Laser Polymer Welding

The use of high-performance polymer materials continues to increase within the automotive and other sectors bringing valuable benefits of design freedom, weight reduction, added strength and cost savings.

One of the harshest environments is within the fuel system where only selective polymers such as POM and Nylon are capable of functioning. These components must withstand severe conditions whist maintaining a hermetic seal and often operate under high cyclic pressure.

Customer feedback confirms that traditional joining processes such as vibration and heat welding are no longer effective for some of these demanding applications.

ALPW has established many solutions for these applications using transmission laser welding, the images below detail some of our solutions.

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We offer

A full sub-contract facility at our premises at Honiley (minutes from the M42, M6 and M1).

Design consultancy at the early stage of a project to determine feasibility and best joint design.

First off and pre-production batches leading to full production.

In house component testing, typically 100% testing by air under water or via vacuum decay.